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Guangdong Winto Ceramics Co., Ltd, established in 1999 in Foshan, Guangdong, is a modern manufacturing company, which producing and selling various tile products, including Porcelain Polished tiles, Glazed tiles, Polished glazed  porcelain tiles, Rustic porcelain tiles, Plaza tiles and Supermarket tiles. Winto has been involved in drafting nine national standards and two industry standards. Winto is granted as ‘Nation Standard  Enterprise ‘and ‘Nation High-Tech Enterprise’ by the government.

Positioning the brand as ‘modern and refined’, Winto is operating with advanced equipment from Italy, attracting talents from the industry and using up-to-date production technology and management system. Winto has been developing and growing, and eventually became the leader of the industry. The production and sales ability are ranged in the top of the industry.

We have passed: QMSC of ISO9001; the EMS of ISO14001; OHSAS18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System certificate; Energy management system Certificate; China Compulsory Certification.
“Winto Ceramics, refined quality” is the fundamental idea of our company. Advanced technologies and great innovation ability allow Winto to create hundreds of product series and thousands of new products. The whole supply chain from development to customer service is under great control. Winto Ceramics adopts international standards to make the production. With stable quality, flexible sizes, various designs and reasonable price, Winto Ceramics are popular at home and abroad, getting good reputation from markets and customers.

    Winto puts great efforts into technology innovation of products. Winto is also known as the ‘Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center’ and ‘Guangdong Project Technology Innovation Center’. 29innovational projects passed the Scientific Achievement or New Product Appraisal, among which five of them achieve International Leading Level, 14 achieve International Advanced Level. Now the enterprise has obtained 38 patents of invention and 29 patents for utility models. The glazed polished porcelain tile, which is made with super abrasion resistance and high hardness producing technique, achieves ‘International Advanced Level’ and is awarded the first prize of  ‘Technology Innovation Award in National Building Materials Industry’. The polished porcelain tile, which is made with micro powder multi-color loading technique, achieves ‘International Advanced Level’. It imitates the natural crack stone very well with its clear and vivid pattern. Spread the material for seven times to get pattern that close to real stone in mountain range, canyon and lava. It is approved to be ‘International Advanced Level’. Integrating the advantages of polished porcelain tiles ,micro crystal tiles and polished glazed porcelain tiles, the ‘Mable’ polished porcelain tiles combine the abundant colors and texture of noble stone.    The HD & 3D roller-printing technique of glazed ceramic tiles makes high-definition 3D printing in large scale production possible, thus it achieves ‘International Leading Level’, is awarded the first prize in technology improvement of ‘China Building Materials Science and Technology Award’, and was selected by ‘National Key New Product Program’. Brillant Red Ink In high Tempature ,invented by Winto Ceramics, has broken through the monopoly of European Countries in injet printing. It also overcomes the worldwide technical difficulty--red glaze is unstable and fading out in the high temperature. It approved to be”International Advanced Level “by the government.
    Winto Ceramics, refined quality.
    Winto Ceramics will continue adhering to artisan sprit and create more new and refined products.